At Mordeno Construction, we care about you, our customer.

"Jim, you were great! If we had a question about anything we could always get you directly. Everything went as planned. The whole experience was pleasurable. We would recommend Mordeno Construction to anyone who is considering building a new home. They won't be disappointed."
Sandy and Glenn Caldwell of Grand Island

"Dear Jim, This is truly the house of our dreams. It is perfectly planned with plenty of storage space. Now John can open any door without fear of a landslide. It is comforting to know you are willing to help long after the house is finished. Thank you again..."
Michelle Kutrybala

"Quality! - in both construction and service. Unlike other companies, Mordeno Construction is still there for you after the closing. If there is a question, a problem, or something that just needs an adjustment, they are quick to help. They really stand by their work - and it shows!"
Jeff and Denise Ruzich

"Building a home with Jim Mordeno is an exciting experience. Not only is my home well built to every detail, but its Jim's attitude. He is very patient, kind, and always available to discuss any questions you may have. I love my new home and thank you Jim for a job well done..."
Sincerely, Marcia Little

"Jim, Michael and I want to thank you for the quality workmanship that went into our new build. We were able to build a home that fit our budget and satisfied our needs. Communicating our thoughts to you in what we were looking for came easy. The changes we made to the original plans enables us to live more comfortable. We were also impressed with the fact that you are on the building sight a great amount of time during the construction."
Sincerely, Linda Perez

"Mordeno Construction builds a quality home with strong emphasis on every detail no matter how small, I been involved in many new homes over the years and found that a Mordeno Home stands alone in value…."
Karl D. Henry, Architect

"Satisfied customers are the core of all successful businesses. The Energy Star Homes that you build provide your customers with a superior product that assures maximum building performance. Mordeno Construction has shown the vision, talent, and desire to take fine home building to a higher level of quality and craftsmanship. Congratulations on your homes Energy Star designation of five stars!"
Martin A. Bakowski, Energy Star Building Consultant

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